4oz Razor Bump Serum

Fast-absorbing, non-greasy Razor Bump Face Serum is a triple threat against dull, congested skin and stubborn ingrown hairs. Powered by glycolic acid serum, witch hazel and essentials oils like cooling tea tree, our dull skin serum exfoliates, clarifies and restores a healthy pH to balance stressed out skin on the daily. The wonderful concoction infuses your skin with natural ingredients for a healthy complexion morning and night. We added aloe vera to calm sensitive skin and hyaluronic acid for unstoppable hydration that all skin types can benefit from. Facial serum is a vital step in your skincare routine, making the difference between skin that’s so-so and skin that glows. Dab it all over for instantly beautiful skin, day or night.

SHELF LIFE: 8 months (Store in a cool area)
PACKAGING TYPE: Glass container

After using a toner water, apply 2-3 drops of serum to face
Gently massage serum in a circular motion avoiding the eye area
Allow serum to fully absorb, follow with a moisturizer
Serums penetrate deeply into skin — targeting whatever skin concern you may have
Hand crafted with cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients
Can be used twice daily on all skin types
Aloe Vera
Pineapple extract
Glycolic acid, Hyaluronic acid

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