3.4oz Bump Clear After shave


The Bump Clear was made to make your post-shave experience a game changing one. Our alcohol, sting-free After Shave (which doubles as a post-shave as well as daily treatment) soothes and moisturizes, while protecting and preventing future shaving bumps or ingrown hairs. 90% of men saw clearer, smoother bump-free skin with daily use. *Clinically Proven. Dermatologist tested. Gentlemen approved.

Features & Benefits:  Sunflower Seed Oil - Hydrates and moisturizes skin

How to Use:  

Post Shave: Apply evenly onto dry, just shaved areas. If prone to post-shave breakouts, use daily after washing your face.

Bump Treatment: Apply on the affected area twice a day, onto a clean dry face. Repeat daily and use it as a face lotion for your beard and neck area.

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